2023 Encounter Classes

  • Jimmy Devine- Melbourne Church of Christ

    Title: You Are Wasting Your Time

    Rev. 3:14-22. In a time where people have so many commitments, we often miss out on authentic connection. Jesus is calling us to dig deeper, but it's not as complicated as it sounds. Stop wasting your time. 

  • Corey Stumne- San Jose Church of CHrist

    Title: The Wilderness Must Be Explored: The Gospel According to Pixar's UP

    A curmudgeon, Boy Scout, rare bird, and talking dog walk into... a floating house? Come to this class to discover the hidden truths in the movie UP about our purpose and life's greatest joys. We'll listen to the movie's iconic score, identify with different characters, and watch clips from the film. There might even be a few balloons.  

  • Joel Harper- NorthWest Church of christ- St. Pete

    Title: Returning to Love

    The church at Ephesus (Rev. 2:1-7) did a lot of good things. They persevered hardships, called out false apostles, and worked hard. Yet they had forgotten their first love. We can do a lot of things for God, but if we have lost our love for Him, we are missing the point. This class will talk about the importance of cultivating a life that hungers and thirsts for God. 

  • Nick Jones- Sanford Church of CHrist

    Title: "And the Sea Was No More..."

    Revelation 21:1 describes how things will be in "The End..." There will be a "new heaven and a new earth" and that there will no longer be a "sea." This class will explore what Scripture means when it describes a world without the sea and what it means for God to truly bring peace and order to the world and our lives. 


    Title: I Just Can't Even (Girls Only Class)

    We'll look at the difference between being perfect versus being perfected. What's the difference between measuring our goodness versus measuring God's goodness?

  • Stephen Maxwell

    Singing Class

    If you enjoy praising God in song and learning new songs, this is going to be the class for you! Stephen Maxwell is our worship leader for the weekend at SonQuest. 

  • Griffin ELkins- Holly Hill Church of Christ

    Title: The Return of the King:Parallels from Middle-Earth

    "Renewed shall be the blade that was broken, the crown-less again shall be king." A king from a great lineage who instead has very humble beginnings... sound familiar? In THE END the King will return. Will you reject the return of the King or rally behind his banner?

  • Jared Vernon- Meridian woods church of Christ

    Title: Your First Love

    (Rev 2:2-5) We will unpack what it means to make Jesus our first love, especially as a young Christian. We'll explore other passages and characters (Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, the Apostles, Timothy, etc.) about cultivating a loving relationship with Christ through service, spiritual disciplines, and fellowship as well as stress the one-in-a-lifetime chance that teenagers have to put that into practice. 

  • Matt Renahan

    Title: When the End is Just the Beginning

    A breath, a cry,

    Amazement, a sigh,

    A step, a run, 

    Some pain, some fun,

    I trust, I fail, 

    I laugh, I wail,

    A hand, pierced through, 

    For me, for you,

    A home, not here,

    Our God, is near.

  • dakota thornton- Mandarin church of christ

    Title: Live in Concert: The End

    How would your life be changed if you had a VIP/backstage pass tickets for your favorite band? The spiritual reality of The End should have a similar effect on the citizens of God's kingdom.

  • Steven Casaletto- Maricamp Road Church of christ

    Title: Friends Until the End?

    What does it mean to have your name in the Lamb's Book of Life? As disciples of Christ what can we do to make sure our name is in the Lamb's Book of Life and how can we share the gospel with others so that our friends names can be in the Lamb's Book of Life?