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  • Scott simpson- Orange Avenue Church of christ

    Title: I AM Breaking Free-

    Salons 5/6

    Was High School Musical playing in my office when I was asked about what class I wanted to teach? Why are you asking?? All I know is that is time for us to break free from the role others are comfortable with and be who God made us to be. 

  • Jimmy Devine- Melbourne Church of Christ

    Title: I AM Sad and Alone

    Salon 3

    The stories we tell and think about ourselves often become true. Unfortunately those stories often exclude the grace and mercy Christ offers everyone. In this class we will explore what God is doing in our lives even when we don’t realize it in the moment and how we can flip the narrative to live lives free from our own self-doubt and discouragement.

  • Corey Stumne- San Jose Church of CHrist

    Title: Tale as Old as Time…

    Salon 11

    Description: Come and “Be Our Guest” in this class to see the Gospel of Jesus through the lens of one of the greatest animated movies of all time, Beauty and the Beast. Warning: spontaneous musical singing may occur.

  • Sean Mcafee- gulf coast church of christ

    Title: I AM the Truth: Answering the Tough Questions (All 3 Classes will be different)

    Salons 1/2

    Where do we find truth in a world where it seems hidden from us at every turn?  This will be a three-class session exploring difficult questions of the faith: Evil, Hell, and the relationship between Christianity and Science.  It's a class for those who want to think deeply about truth in a world full of untruth.  You can join us for one session or for all three!  

  • Nick Jones- Sanford Church of CHrist

    Class Title: The I AM and Idolatry

    Salons 7/8

    We are going to explore how God's identity as I AM by nature excludes idol worship and demands total priority in our lives. 

  • Matt Renahan

    Title- Why does knowing who God is matter?

    Salon 9

    Description- For too many of us God has become some weird idea that we can't relate to. We will work together, and leave this class knowing who God is, and why knowing Him matters. 


    Title: Holometaboly: Whole Change (Girls Only Class)

    Salon 4

    "I try to fill myself up- make myself feel good- only to end up empty and feeling down again. I'm in need of a new way- something that works, something that satisfies, something that changes me!"

  • Griffin ELkins- Holly Hill Church of Christ

    Title: I Am What You Made Me.

    Salon 12

    “What have you become?” - Obi-Wan Kenobi. Our choices in life help make up who we are. Sometimes those choices have a negative impact on our image, but our mistakes are not who we are. We have a Creator who has deemed us worthy of salvation and its up to us to accept it. After all, if Darth Vader can find redemption, why can’t you?

  • Kenny Payne- Missionary to Ukraine

    Class Title: I AM on a Mission

    Salon 10

    God revealed the divine name in the process of recruiting Moses to lead the Exodus Mission. Jesus claimed the divine name while training student leaders for the Whole World Mission. God still tends to reveal while God calling you?

  • Stephen Maxwell

    Singing Class

    Grand Ballroom A

    If you enjoy praising God in song and learning new songs, this is going to be the class for you! Stephen Maxwell is our worship leader for the weekend at SonQuest. 

    Here are some of the new songs he will be teaching:

  • Dudley Chancey- Adult Resource class

    Dudley Chancey worked in youth ministry for 25 years before coming to Oklahoma Christian University in 1998 to teach youth and family ministry. He is the founder and director of the Winterfest youth events in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and Arlington, Texas. He also co-founded the Intergenerational Faith Center at Oklahoma Christian. He is involved in several professional organizations, including the National Council on Family Relations, Groves Conference on Marriage and Family, Association of Youth Ministry Educators, and the National Conference on Youth Ministries. He does mission work in Honduras and is involved in OC’s Latin American Studies program. Dudley is married to Vicki and has two adult children, Drew and Matt. He attends Memorial Road Church of Christ.